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An Apartment in Paris


I love Lego modular buildings from lego greator expert, so I made my onw modular building.

This is an apartment in Paris with green and red texture, On the ground floor there is a reception desk with a checker board floor, a waiting room and two other desks.

To go to the first floor you have to go with the stairs outside the building, at the first floor is a hall with stairs and a mailbox, there is a room for a detective and a living room with a bed,  a sink and a desk

on the top floor there is a cafe with a balcony.

At the back of the building there is a ladder for going to the roof

I made the wals not to big so you can easily reach with your hands in the building.

It counts 2578 Bricks in total.

I hope you like it, so you can support it.

Designed by 
Lennert De Baecke

Twitter: Brick_Tron

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