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Escape Room


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You are in a dark and scary room and there is no way to escape! No way? Keep calm and think logically. Take the flagpole which you can find next to the fireplace to find the key under the bed. Now you can open the secret hiding behind the antique nautical chart. Take the crowbar and try to escape but the door is too solid and heavy to open it with the tool so you have to rethink your plan. Is there something under the blanket? No, but you see a small gap under the carpet. Give it a try! There is another secret hiding under the floor, where you can find a gear and a lever. But at first glance it doesn´t make any sense. So check out the room more accurate. Behind the green door you discover a safe. Bring the stuff you found in position and concentrate on the irregularities of the rotating gear to find out the double-digit code. Then you can tilt the lever and push out the chest to take out the key. Afterwards you try if the key fits to the keyhole of the big wooden door, open it and finally you can escape! But be carefully, because you don´t know what awaits you in the next room…

I decided to create this model because I am a fan of the mobile game “Can you escape the Room” and of course I am a great Lego fa. I just made it for me, but my friend said it will make a great Lego set. So I came up with the idea to share this model with other Lego fans via Lego Ideas and to hape that it will become a Lego set. It might be not the biggest Lego creation on this website but it is a funny game where you can use your fantasy and creativity on another way. Only if you are clever enough to solve all the puzzles in this room, you will be able to escape. Most of the levels in this game are very scary old rooms, where you will escape as fast as possible. Therefore I tried to make this room creepy: dirty walls with crumbled plaster, the crumples blanket and the big dark door cause the scary atmosphere. It is a great model, which stimulates the imagination, not only to solve the riddles, but also to want to build more escaperooms.

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