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Industrial Power Suits

Hey guys, for my second project I decided to make these industrial power suits. I designed these suits to allow for heaving lifting or fixing in a industrial setting. The upright suit has a multi-purpose left arm, it can be used as a welder or it can charge a power source by just a flick of the switch. The other arm is good for heaving lifting purposes.

The four legged suit is primarily used for heavy lifting as it can pull a large weight due to the strength it produces when using all four legs.

As you can see there are engines on the back so the upright suit can fly. There are a lot semi-wings on the shoulders of the machine to assist in flight. This suit contains around 88 pieces.

The man can easily hop in and out of the suit with the top support that sits on his shoulders moving up. The front part is also hinged and folds outwards. There arms are able to move in all directions and the legs can move backwards and forwards.

There are engines are equipped on the back of the suit. The tail is used to grab hold of anything that requires lifting. The wings are able to be folded up or down depending if the machine is flight or pull mode.

The Lego man is able to get out of the machine by simply lifting the side railing up. The two front bars pointing forwards assists the suit when it comes to pushing object as well. This suit contains around 90 pieces.

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