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Kai's Dragon Mech

This is Kai's dragon mech that I designed for Kai MOC, because my favorite ninja in NINJAGO® is Kai. The cabin of this Kai's Shenlong mecha will automatically generate a protective cover after Kai enters, which is a mecha with perfect enclosure, which can make Kai safer in battle and devote himself to the battle against the enemy. This Kai's mecha is made with a combination of Kai's favorite colors, making the overall look more suitable for Kai. All parts of the mecha are carefully designed by me, the mecha hands can use the fire element double blade, the mecha legs do not look flexible, but after my careful design, not only does the mecha's legs look more solid and powerful, but also is very flexible so that Kai can deal with the enemy freely. Not only wings but also many accelerators were added to the back of the mecha, because I wanted Kai to say in battle, "What age is it and still use elemental guns, my knife is fast and ruthless within 100 meters!" "This sentence, hahaha.

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