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Fifty supporters!

I know it doesn't seem like much, but there are now 50 supporters for this project!  (Thank you, faithful supporters.)

I am hoping to upload at least another spacey projects some time soon, so keep an eye out.  ;)


LDD file now uploaded!

Here is the LDD file I promised:

There are some slight colour and part differences between this and the actual model, for instance: the seat is tan coloured in the file (it looks nicer); and two of these:



are replaced with two of these:

(LDD doesn't allow placement of the technic cross-beam).

Other changes are equally as minor as these.  The model is in LDD extended, simply because I feel more comfortable using it. As far as I know, it is fully possible to build as shown in the file.  Also, if anyone knows if the black lever part on the cabin exists in LDD, would you please comment and tell me where to find it?

Thanks for looking, and please remember to share this project.