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Lilo & Stitch: Beach House


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Welcome to the Pelekai residence! Stitch, Lilo, her sister Nani, Pleakley and Jumba all live in this split level, completely detachable home in the forested outskirts of Kokaua Town, Hawaii. Their house burned down after a chaotic series of events trying to recapture Stitch ... (thank you very much, Captain Gantu) ... but the family rebuilt it better than ever! 

Stitch is arguably the cutest Disney character, and has been since he first hit the screens in 2002! Growing up, Lilo & Stitch was my favorite movie ever (and still is today!), and I always dreamed of seeing it as a LEGO set. Join me on this Hawaiian roller coaster ride to see this set produced!!

  • Stitch, with a bottle of coffee and acoustic guitar 
  • Lilo, with her camera
  • Nani, with her surfboard
  • David, with two flaming torches
  • Pleakley, with his binoculars
  • Dr. Jumba Jookiba, with a potion bottle and plasma blaster!
  • Cobra Bubbles, with a briefcase
...and modified Teddy Bear as Scrump!

Added accessories pictured include: 
  • Nani's fan and hairbruch
  • Stitch's bed and book, The Ugly Ducking 
  • Lilo's photographs (and family photo), sand bucket and green record player with Elvis records
  • All of Dr. Jumba's tools and 3 blasters with red, green and blue plasma
  • Pleakley's cellphone
  • Surfboards for the entire family 
  • A toolbox, mop, flippers, clothes basket and lifeguard buoy

Along with the mischievous, ultimate power duo, Lilo and Stitch (aka Experiment 626), you can: 

  • Drive AND fly in Lilo and Stitch's two convertible spaceship-cars
  • Ride with the family in the beach buggy with a detachable wagon
  • Surf ocean waves and wax boards in the surfboard workshop
  • Play Elvis (the King's) records on the staple green record player
  • Relax in the palm tree hammock surrounded by plumeria flowers and Tikki torches 
  • Build new devices and catch experiments in Jumba's hideaway scientist workshop
  • Enjoy stunning views from the tower riding on a suspended elevator platform
The adventures under the Hawaiian sun are endless!! 

This set would be perfect for anyone of all ages! With a detachable roof and moving elements, it has playability for kids but also serves as a great accent piece for any room. Surfboards, hula dancing, and icecream give it a beach day charm that makes it always feel like summer!

It's also the perfect Disney LEGO collector's item. With novel galactical vehicles for space enthusiasts, jungle landscaping, and a hidden scientists lab, what's not to like?! And of course, it means more Stitch Minifigures in the world –– he's just so cute and FLUFFY!

Lilo & Stitch has already featured in four movies and a TV show, but Stitch fans worldwide know it is rumoured that a new live-action movie may be coming soon!! This set would be the perfect accompaniment to the movie, helping reignite people's love for Stitch!

...Don't let this set get left behind!

Stickers could depict the family photos and a Hula Girl lamp in Lilo's room, Elvis records and a sailboat painting in the living room, posters of Duke (the legendary surfer) in Nani's room, and a Hawaiian licence plate for the beach buggy. 

This design was inspired by the end of the Lilo & Stitch movie linked here: 

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Together we can see this set become a reality!! Share with other LEGO builders, friends, and on social media with the tag #LEGOLiloAndStitch. And don't forget to check the updates!! 

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