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Jaws – The Orca


One of the most recognizable boats of all time, I present my minifigure-scale model of the Orca from Jaws! I built this many years ago to go alongside the other iconic vehicles of blockbuster films, and I'm excited to get to post it now! The boat comes complete with the pulpit, floating kegs, masts, steering deck at the top, Quint's fishing chair, chum bucket, and oxygen tanks.

In addition to the boat, the set would include Hooper's cage, and a top section of the shark, to recreate the scenes of the shark circling the boat underwater.

The model has four minifigures: Brody, Quint, and two versions of Hooper: in his regular outfit and diving outfit. Each of them has iconic accessories: Brody with his life-vest and oxygen tank, Quint with his fishing/harpoon rifle, and Hooper with his camera.

Thank you for considering supporting the Jaws project! I hope you join me in my campaign to get this iconic vessel immortalized in LEGO form!

Have a great day,


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