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This project was inspired by a video that I saw on YouTube called "A Rail Speeder Adventure." It was also a little bit inspired by my Railway Maintenance project from ten months ago.

The Railspeeder project is 120 pieces. In this project is the following: a railspeeder, a work wagon, and two minifigures. The wagon for the speeder is very simple, as it's just wheels, coupling points, and a flat top.

The speeder's interior is very basic. There are a couple knobs, a button, a light, and a gauge. Also, there are two seats for the two minifigures to sit in for the ride. The roof can be lifted off for easier access.

On the front of the Railspeeder are two bars. These bars are featured on most railspeeders. They provide the driver an easy way to turn the railspeeder around, in case if there is a dead-end or something.

Thanks for checking out this project, and for your support! Please tell me what you think in the comments. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy 7/22/2018

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