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Railway Maintenance


This creation was posted on the Lego Digital Designer Gallery ​on September 2nd by yours tru--I mean, by me. Tonight, I put two minifigures in this set to make this set more playable.

The Railway maintenance speeder set is 95 pieces. Included is a speeder and an equipment wagon full of several different tools.

Once again, there are two minifigures: a man, and a woman. The tools list goes like this: a walkie-talkie, a hammer, a closed firm key, an open firm key, and a screwdriver.

I hope you enjoyed this very miniscule project! If you have a suggestion for another project, please tell me what they are in the comments. Yea have a good evening, mates! (Today was "talk like a pirate" day.) By cheesy. 9/19/2017

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