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Ogel's Time Lab


Long ago, Lord Vladek was trapped inside the magic Orb on top the Mistland tower. Now, about 600 Years later, the evil Ogel finally found the ruins of the tower and salvaged the orb, which housed a dimension beyond time. After opening the orb in his new base, Ogel was able to reanimate his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather from the cryo-like state the orb put him to. Now, with the power of the orb the sinister duo plans to travel back in time to conquer Morcia with Ogel's highly advanced technology once and for all.

This Set features Ogel's Time Lab, which can be opened up for better playability. The Lab has three areas: The first one is the Orb Room, in which the Magic Orb is studied. The room's floor is flooded with toxic Goo. The second room is the one in which Ogel reanimated and interrogated Vladek and the third one has the controls for the reanimator , doors to the other rooms and a saircase to a balcony from which Ogel can overview the working in the Orb room.

The Set contains 6 Minifigures: Ogel, Vladek (armorless, the armor is also featured in the Set), a skeleton guard, two skeleton workers and a Skeleton worker in a hazmat suit.


Note: The Wall behind Ogel on the Balcony is supposed to feature Ogel's Logo from the Alpha Team video Game in the final Set.

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