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Carl's Ice Cream Parlor


Second floor -Done

This is the floor that had/has the blank space with nothing added. Making it seem more of a coffe standards yes although that isn't what this is. Merely only changing the color for the second floor from the black and white to tan with brown along with other colors. There is a second project in the works another corner modular building. For right now though it would be nice if this project reached at least 100 Supporters, in order to see where this project will head. 


Interior Designing

One Thing that wasn't added in posting this project is the lookout of the inside. This is just some of the layout of the interior designing from Carl's Ice Cream Parlor. Additionly the top level is unfinished it will be updated when done.

It includes:

  • Milkshakes 
  • A Jukebox
  • Ice Cream and Drink Dispenser's
  • Booths are also included as seen
  • A counter with stools 

Counter/ Ice Cream Dispenser next to Oven



One of 3 booths

The Drink Dispenser


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