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PT-19 Blitz Starfighter


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The Pt-19 Blitz Starfighter is a model of starfighter in use by the Galactic Republic during the Cold War and Galactic War with the Sith Empire. The starfighter has white in color and Earth blue in markings. It is equipped with 4 laser cannons and 2 Ion cannons. It is an ancestor of the Z-95 Headhunter. It served in the Republic navy.

It has 4 Y-340 Engines, making the starfighter capable of travailing through hyperspace. The engines were manufactured by Kuat ship yards.

The starfighter has 4 heat seeking missiles, 4 Laser cannons, and 2 Ion cannons up in front of the starfighter

This set come with 3 Mini figures 1 Republic scout trooper and 2 Republic starfighter pilots.
Even though the pilots resembles rebel starfighter pilots.

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