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Modular Old Winter Villa


New pictures of details

Here you can see better how certain elements look in detail. Many have enjoyed the firs and the walls of the villa. That is why I have rendered single elements again in close-up.

Otherwise you can help my newest villa called "Old Autumn Villa". I would be very grateful to you for your support :)


Thank you


Thank you for 1000! -and new pictures of the interior decorations:)

Wow- that is amazing!

Thank you very much for every support and your feedback.

Please share the Modular Old Winter Villa and mayby we will achive 10.000 :)


In Addition you can see the interior decorations separately.


Interior decorations part 2

Now you can see the second floor of the Winter Villa.


Interior decorations part 1

Now you can see, what is inside of the model in the ground Floor. There you can see a rocking chair, the fireplac, some wood next to the fireplace, a sofa, a few pictures on the walls, a flower, a little table, a lamp and other little furnitures.

In addition, you see the Villa in a better quality.

Part 2 (second floor) will follow as soon as possible.





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