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Kraken Sushi Bar

Welcome to the Kraken Sushi Bar where delicious delights are carefully crafted by an ancient master who has a deep history with the sea. Take a seat at the bar and watch as the master simultaneously prepares tasty maki, sashimmi, uramaki, and more… just don’t ask for the Ika. Check out the special of the day and top it off with a nice hot tea. 

The Kraken Sushi bar sits on a 32 by 28 pin base, consist of 956 parts, and includes 3 minifigures. The Kraken’s tentacles are comprised of ball joint parts allowing the creature to be reposition to handle many activities from updating the Specials' menu to handling the cash at the register.

The fish is fresh and there's plenty of seating available. So, invite your minifigure friends for an elegant meal that's not just good, it's Kraken Good Sushi!

I really hope you like this Ideas' project and help make it a real set!

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