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The Flutter - Mega Man Legends


300 Supporters!

The LEGO Flutter has passed 300 supporters! Thanks to everyone that has supported it so far.

An interior update is in the works, and I hope to release it in the near future!


The LEGO Flutter - 2nd Update

The LEGO Flutter has been updated with some major changes! 

  • The Flutter's "eyes" have been rebuilt to match the scale of the rest of the build. Before, they were too small and too close to the bridge window. Now, they're correctly proportioned and more indicitive of the Mega Man Legends series' art style than ever!
  • The grate below the Flutter's bridge window has been enlarged to correct the scale of the build.
  • Mega Man Volnutt's torso and back prints have been completely revised. Now, his armor correctly wraps to the ends of his torso, matching with his arm prints. Other textures have been touched up as well for a cleaner look.
  • Many renders had to be redone to accommodate these changes.

Thank you all so much for your support! Let's make a Mega Man Legends set a reality! 



100 Supporters Update!

Thank you all so much for 100 supporters! To celebrate, I updated this project with new minifigure designs and several changes to the Flutter airship itself!

  • Mega Man Volnutt's minifigure torso has been cleaned up to make it more symmetrical.
  • Roll Caskett's minifigure leg designs have been simplified.
  • The Flutter airship's front exterior has been re-aligned.
  • A small detail/easter egg has been added in the bridge.
  • The dropship room's hatch has been enlarged to enhance playability and faithfulness to the video game source material.
  • The dropship room has been remodeled to accomodate for the larger hatch.

 Once again, thank you all for your support! Let's reach for the next milestone!