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The Flutter - Mega Man Legends


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“In a world covered by endless water... People are forced to eke out a living on the small patches of land that remain above the sea…” ­
- Mega Man Legends opening text crawl
An iconic vehicle from the cult-classic Mega Man Legends video game series, the Flutter airship is recognizable to many video game fans. It serves as the Caskett family’s home and main means of transportation in Mega Man Legends (1997) and Mega Man Legends 2 (2000). If you do not know what the Mega Man Legends series is, it was the Mega Man series' first and only foray into 3D video games. Unlike its more famous 2D counterparts, the Legends series has a robust story and focuses on 3D open-world exploration. In some ways, this game series set the standard for future 3D games with high quality cutscenes and lock-on targeting mechanics. The Mega Man Legends series' art direction is iconic, and the Flutter airship exemplifies this. Where else would you see such an airship? Only in Mega Man Legends
The LEGO Flutter’s design is based off its most recent incarnation in Mega Man Legends 2. In the games, the Flutter’s interior is larger than its exterior, so some rooms had to be cut from the final model to make it proportional and minifigure-scale. The first floor has Barrell Caskett’s study, a dropship room, and an engine room. The floor of the dropship room opens much like how it does in Mega Man Legends 2. A ladder leads up to the second floor. This floor contains the bridge, Mega Man’s room, Roll’s room, and a back balcony. Mega Man and Roll’s rooms have details and Easter eggs from the games, like Roll’s tell-all diary. There is also a door to enter the second floor through the side of the Flutter. Finally, a ladder in the bridge leads to the roof balcony. The airship’s color scheme inside and out is based on in-game models. For display, two stacked boxes are included to stably hold the Flutter in place. These boxes also serve a cosmetic purpose, as they resemble the boxes needed to board the Flutter in the original Mega Man Legends.  
Minifigures of Mega Man Volnutt, Roll Caskett, and Barrell Caskett are included in the set. Mega Man Volnutt has a dual-sided head, along with his signature blue helmet. Roll Caskett comes with her illustrious cap. There is a brick-built figure of Data the Monkey.
The past decade has been a tough one for Mega Man Legends fans and Mega Man fans in general. With the cancellation of the highly anticipated Mega Man Legends 3 sequel in 2011, video game fans were left wondering when Mega Man Volnutt and his colorful cast would return. This set serves to quench some of the thirst for Legends 3 and introduce new fans to this unique Mega Man series using the familiar medium of LEGO. With the recent release of Mega Man 11 in 2018, the blue bomber is returning to the video game spotlight and accumulating a fresh, younger fanbase. What better time than now to release a LEGO Flutter?
Piece count: 2,972 (including minifigures)

Dimensions (inches): 17.7 x 16.5 x 15.9

Weight (ounces): 108.6

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