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Lego Spitfire racer


Lucky 7th update: New cockpit

Some people have suggested that the model might look better with a fully enclosed cockpit. Working with this idea, I tried a few modifications and eventually ended up with this:

It still allows ease of removal of the pilot figure! Enjoy!

*Larger pictures on the website in the earlier update below


POV-ray render

Quick render, first time using POV-ray, yikes!

Larger images can be found in the gallery on my website in the previous post

This one has a trans-clear canopy instead of trans-black:

Looks much better don't you think? ;)


How does one swap engines?

Here is a pic which shows the detached default engine block. Now you can attach the "panels off" engine!


More pictures!

More pictures of the main model with the stand


First update!

Three major points for this update: 

1) Part count and other relevant facts

  • Total number of parts (including pilot minifig)= 475
  • No new molds required and only a couple of chrome pieces used, which can be easily substituted with light bley parts if needed


2) New stand! To display the separate "panels off" Rolls Royce Merlin engine if you're not placing it on the model. 

  • Spitfire (with pilot) + stand= 475 + 50 = 525 parts


3) Mechanics! That ol' Spit of yours need an overhaul? No problem, just don't push her too hard next time, skipper!

  • Includes 2 mechanics in period appropriate dress, step ladder, toolbox and tools and 2 oil barrels (not pictured)
  • Spitfire (with pilot) + stand + mechanics option = 525 + 32 = 557 parts