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Lego Spitfire racer

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It's a pity that Reginald Mitchell's most beautiful design was intended to be a fighter, which means it was built for war and we are unlikely to see it as an official Lego set. I propose an alternative: a Spitfire converted for racing!

The model is 1/40 scale, the first complete Lego model I've built in 2-3 years, and it is based on G-AISU, a 1949 racer converted from a Spit Mk. V. Features:

  • Fully retractable landing gear
  • Swap out the default engine block for the separate "panels off" engine, which shows off the detailed Merlin 45 engine! (See attached pictures)
  • Fits one whole minifig, with space in the cockpit for controls
  • If required, model can also be mounted on a Lego stand

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