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  Build your very own microscale version of the famous movie Back to the future ! Back to the Future is a 1985 American science fiction comedy adventure film directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale, produced by Gale and Neil Canton, and stars Michael J. FoxChristopher LloydLea ThompsonCrispin Glover and Thomas F. Wilson.Steven SpielbergKathleen Kennedy, and Frank Marshall served as executive producers. I'm a Huge fan of the "Back to the Future " saga and that is the reason why I decided to recreate the fabulous world of Hill Valley with all the iconic elements of the three movies.

   As you can see, the set contains Hill Valley's city hall, the scholl of Hill Valley, Marty's House, Biff's casino Hotel, the modern bar, and many others elements of the serie !


Details of the project ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- number of pieces : 

    - TOTAL : 543 pieces

    - Hill Valley : 120 pieces

    - School : 127 pieces

    - Marty's house (withe the Jeep) : 67 pieces

    - Modern bar : 48 pieces

    - Biff's hotel : 78 pieces

    - Parking scene : 26 pieces

    - Western scene (BTTF 3) : 51 pieces

    - Minifigs : 26 pieces

- name : " Back to the future microscale collection "


My message---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I hope you will like this creation with all the elements ! I know that there is already a Lego Ideas set based on this movie but this set is really different as this is a micro version of the saga. By the way don't forget to support the project if you like it and please help me to reach new supporters by promoting my project !

Official trailer of the saga-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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