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MJC's Traditional Cuisine


One day left

I have only one day left, but I am very happy because I have about 9000 supporters, you! Later, I may register this model again. Please show your power of support again. Thank you. 


See how well these buildings fit together!

Thanks to your love, MJC has received more than 8100 support so far. I recently displayed the Brick Bank next to MJC. Please take a look at how nicely they fit together!


Picked by LEGO Staff !

MJC’s got picked by Staff on last Friday, and it appeared again in the section Popular this Week.
Much appreciated for bring my project to the Staff Picks section.
Also, thank you so much everyone for continuous supports and encouraging comments. 



Here are awesome reviews I found introducing the MJC’s Traditional Cuisine so far. 
Thanks to every reviewers for sharing MJC’s. 

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(Full story of MJC’s creation. Written by myself. Translated webpage will be ready soon)


Happy building!


Small stuffs in MJC's

Here are close-ups of some small stuffs installed in the MJC's.
Just bring your bricks from buckets and build your own during this weekend!


1. Tiny 'Grand Piano' 

Total 25 bricks including 2x2 black tile, 2x2 round tile, 1x1 round gold
plate and music note printed 2x2 tile are used. 


2. Standing Menu Book

8 bricks with two self-designed stickers are used here.
The size of stickers for black 2 x 4 tiles is 16mm x 32 mm.
When you draw your custom patterns or pictures using Powerpoint,
Photoshop or Illustrator, keep that a distance between studs is
8mm in your mind.


3. Bending Machine & Wine Cellar

22 bricks for bending machine, and 10 bricks for wine cellar.
Key bricks: Milk, orange juice printed 1x1 brick, transparent bottles.


Happy building!



It's that easy.

The young artist is going to show the joy of painting!
The first artwork is beautiful flowers and yummy looking brown bread. That's easy!


An apple on the plate? It's that easy too. 


Hey Stormy, right, it's you. Don't be disappointed~ ;) 



Elsa looks very satisfied on her portrait, isn't she? 


(She is much better than me ~:)


See you soon. Have a great weekend everyone.
From MJC's, with love.


Night in MJC's

Night has come to the town. I wish all of you have a sweet dream tonight.
From MJC's.


A week, one thousand !

* Sketch for MJC's backside design (5/20/2016)


More than 1,000 supports, huge number of supportive comments, and thankful following! During last 7 days I got all of them at once from you. I cannot find better expression, but I would like to say again, Thank You So Much Everyone for your help and encouragement. I wish your weekend could be filled with happy building. 




Thank YOU all so much !


I would appreciate all of your supports and comments on my first project 'MJC's Traditional Cuisine'.

It's now listed in the second page of the Popular This Week !