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MJC's Traditional Cuisine


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  Do you want to stop for a well-earned rest and enjoy sweet meals for all mini figures traveling your brick town? MJC's Traditional Cuisine is a great place that makes your wishes come true. Juicy steaks, spicy hot dogs, fresh ice wine and various drinks are ready for you. Its artwork and spacing combine to create comport, ease, joy and love. 

  This 19th century’s construction styled white building may perfectly comport with your modular, and its architecture and surroundings provide the beauty of art. I tried to put traditional architectural factors established in 19th through the exterior. Renovations with modern techniques like huge metal sign with printed letters and big strong glass panels are integrated without incongruities with old fashion.

  Foods and entertainments are waiting here for you and your mini figures. Think of yourself being a traveler with a camera in one hand, brand new straw hat on your back, and having a brunch in MJC's. You will find yourself packing a trunk tonight to leave for somewhere in the morning. 




  The MJC’s serves a casual lunch and dinner with fresh meat and vegetables everyday. A kitchen is filled with stoves, a big glossy cooking table, and lots of pans and dishes. Big glass panels are installed on the wall to enable customers to appreciate chef’s skillful cooking. A hidden basement has been storing bottles of sweet ice wines from the town vineyard since last winter. If you have a bite of the testers at the food stand on the road and check out menu list, you cannot help coming inside to order your lunch.

  Party room on the second floor is opened for any communities. Gather for social networking, birthday party and any special moments with your friends. Please contact right now to book the place! A wide comfortable sofa, a mini figure sized grand piano, sitting chairs, a food table, an antique wind cellar are available to use for free.  

  The third floor is a lounge with an observatory. You cannot miss beautiful scenes of downtown through the telescope. A bending machine is ready to supply casual drinks for thirsty tourists. Part of this floor is the space for the owner of the building. The room is used as an office and living space for him.

  The rooftop is a young artist’s studio. He sells his artworks to residents and tourists. All artworks hang on the walls in this building are his master pieces, which creates a friendly, good vibe. He is proud of a small gallery at the corner of the workshop to show up recent paintings. A TV, a small cupboard, a paint shelf, papers, and an old easel are precious treasures of this young artist.  

  The artist, chef, clerk, owner, tourist, kitten and taxi driver are suggested mini figures to come together with this modular. Home-made stickers are used on the sign and menu book.

  All floor separate-able building, built on 32 x 32 base plate with 34 1/3 bricks height (10"W x 10"D x 13"H). 

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