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Park Fountain


just a quick update

This is now my number 1 project. Number 2 is the sea king rescue helicopter. Please check it out and support. Number 3 is my city airliner. Please check it out.

I am wanting to get 150+ supporters on this project by the end of the year 2015. Tell your friends, school buddies, coworkers, family anybody you can. Also wanting 100+ supporters on my Sea King Rescue Helicopter by the end of the year so PLEASE CHECK IT OUT and give feedback, follow and support.

Hoping to get new projects on Ideas soon. I will put the new projects on my old projects so you can find them and hopefully support so we can have more Lego sets on the market.

I will be updating all my project models soon. I will have new grebling and medium problems fixed with new pictures for all of my models.

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