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Park Fountain


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This is my Park Fountain.


It is not based on anything but the idea in my head.


I hope you enjoy this wonderful set.


Hoping to get 50 supporters in the first month (look below for day posted).


Alrighty here we go with the set! ---




This set includes 6 Minifigures --- From left to right you have 1 child, 1 mother, 1 everyday citizen, 1 hot dog cart vendor, 1 ice cream stand worker, and a city employee repair man.


This also has a skateboard for the kid, and a dog, bucket, and a pile of 1x1 brown round studs.


This set also includes a quad/4-wheeler for the repair man to get to the fountain to repair it quickly.


Another suggestion is to take the 4-wheeler and use it i your own city for added play value.


Starting with the front side (the side that the minifigs are standing in front of in the main picture)


On the left there is a newspaper stand with 4 newspapers to put in it. Next to it is a pay phone for people to use (big fig accessible) a little farther over is a walkway and a sign with a clock that you can change to 12:01 or 10:21 your choice. Then there is a tree, just a tree nothing special.


Turning it to the left there is a flower patch with multicolored flowers.


Turning to the left again you have 2 park benches and 1 trashcan and 1 recycling for minifigs to take a rest or eat there hot dog and ice cream then throw there trash away. The box with the caution labels on it is the control box, it has an emergency shut off valve for anyone to use and after you open it up you can use the long pole tool on the back of the quad to turn the fountain off. Put the yellow end of the pole to the black stud in the box. Some might know what the tool looks like in real life.


Turning the fountain one more time you have the hot dog and ice cream carts, starting with the hot dog cart it comes with 3 hot dogs 1 of each ketchup, mustard, and relish dispensers. I suggest putting the extra dogs in the cabinet.


Then you have the ice cream cart it comes with four cones, 2 scoped ice cream to put in the cones, 2 of each ice cream containers(vanilla,chocolate,strawberry). It has 2 topping dispensers strawberry and hot fudge. Also suggest putting the canisters in the freezer/cabinet.

Now on to the fountain. The fountain has 4 streams of water pouring out of it and 1 on the top. Some fountain decor is centered around a animal well LEGO does not make a solid lion or eagle or other reasonable animal so i used what i had and put chickens on my fountain. The fountain is build very sturdy so it will not fall apart on you.

All in all it is a great set for kids and adults alike. 

Great for play in a custom city or for display on a shelf in your living room or bedroom.

Lots of play value for ages 7-99

Hope you like and support and also follow if you please.

Thanks for all the support and please leave a comment positive or negative does not matter to me!

Submitted for review on 5-19-15 so hoping for 50 supporters starting on 5-23-15!

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