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Sailboat: Hallberg-Rassy 40 Mk II


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This model is about a typical cruising sailboat. I've chosen a boat by the svedish shipyard as I wanted to build one with central cockpit. Since the beginning my goal was to have a model with both accurate interior and exterior and that could easily pass from one configuration to the other, in order to be played both as a boat and as a sort of mini-house. The aim was reached by means of a zipper on the deck and a small break in the rail, both located near the bow. This allows the deck, the deckhouse and the mast to be lifted as a whole to 90° unveiling the interiors, without the need to disassemble some parts of the boat but only having the foresight to act also on the hinge attachment of the headsail.

The 3rd and 4th additional pictures above show respectively the details of the bow and of the stern of the boat. Please notice for the bow: the red and green navigation lights, the delta type anchor with its chain and its openable locker, the cleat on the port side; for the stern: other two side cleats, the white navigation light, the orange life buoy, the flag, the folding stepladder to go down to the sea.

The 5th additional picture shows the lifting opening mechanism.

The 6th additional picture shows the details of the interior. Please notice: the two forward and aft bedroom cabins (the forward one is occupied by a resting sailor), the bathroom cabin with the sink and the marine toilet, the dinette with a sofa two armchairs a table and a sailor lady drinking wine, the kitchen with a cooking sailor, the chart table and the near instrument panel.

The 1st picture shows the boat sailing while the 2nd one shows it motoring. Notice the inverted triangular daytime signal.

The last picture is a little sketch with the boat anchored (notice the circular daytime signal), a sailor going for diving and a lady sunbathing.

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