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Dolphin Cruiser Docking Pier


Had this idea for my niece's Dolphin Cruiser set from the Friend's series. It will make a safe place to dock the Dolphin Cruiser when she dose not feel like taking it out on the water. The pier is a safe and fun place to play by the water without going out on the water.

You can have a cookout, go swimming and then take a ride on the water slide or just use your imagination on the many possibilities that you can do when you spend the day at the beach.

By helping me in supporting this project and reaching the goal of getting it approved. This set in your collection can be used with many other sets you my have. I have collected many of the Friend's series sets for my niece. The Lighthouse, Lifeguard Post, Flying Club, Beach House and of course the Dolphin Cruiser. All of these and more could be used with the Dolphin Cruiser Docking Pier project. 

Please help me by supporting this project, I would just love to give this set to my niece and I think a lot of others would like to give it to their families, friends and for themselves too. Thank You, Poptart5000




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