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Aerial Tramway (Modular)


Overall view



Upper station

Here is the upper station.

The design is more simple than the lower station. There is a ski rack, two deckchairs, and two ladders for maintenance.

It is designed to be hung on a wall.


How it works

The system is driven by 1 motor and 4 cables:

- Two track cables for the stability of the cabin. The tension of these cables are assured by counterweights, just below the upper station. These cables don't move.

- Two haulage ropes: they are attached to two reels, but not in the same direction. The pink cable pulls the cabin up, when the engine rotates in one direction. The blue cable pulls the cabin down when the engine rotates in the other direction.

- The engine is connected to the reels by two drive belts. They allow a smooth start .


New cabin (v2.0)

The cabin is now closed, and has doors. You can see it with two different angles.

The global design has also changed, and it has a repercussion on the cabin: there is now two track cables. It will improve the stability of the cabin.

More updates will come in a few days...



Thank you for supporting the project, and for your advices.

I have to make it better, it will come in the future.