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Aerial Tramway (Modular)


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This is an aerial tramway that really works!

The building is inspired by the aerial tramway from Brest (France). There is a ticket office, and a pub under the station. You can open the facade (and the door of course) to look inside the pub.

There is only one cabin.

The cables are not shown, but there is a track cable, and two haulage ropes (one for going up, one for going down), driven by only one crank (I have a sketch, but it's ugly, it doesn't respect the Lego Ideas criterias). There is a "fake" engine in the technical aera, which is driven by a rubber band connected to the axis of the crank.

The purpose of this project is to combine realism of modular sets, and moving parts of technic sets. I hope you will enjoy!

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