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The Scout camping project


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This is a set based on a scout camping, inspired by the trips I did when I was one.

It includes 3 tents, a fireplace, a 4x4 with trailer, a quad bike, a small red apple tree and a treehouse.

The set includes 11 minifigs: 5 scout leaders, 3 scouts, 3 child scouts and a dog.

Accesories include: 2 bicycles, 6 sleeping bags, 1 bone, 1 bucket, 1 magnifying glass, binoculars, 1 cup, 1 photo camera, 1 marshmellow on a stick, 1 gas stove with frying pan, 1 saucepan and 1 gas lantern. 

The treehouse has a detachable roof and includes a winch.

The tents can be opened to put the minifigs in the sleeping bags. An alternative piece could be a cloth tent piece.

The 4x4 has a detachable roof and can fit 2 minifigs inside, and the trailer can fit various accesories.

The total piece count is: 687 bricks.

Please feel free to support this project if you want to have it in your house!

Comments and criticism are welcome!


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