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The Scout camping project


5/9/2014 - 1000 supporters!

We've finally reached 1000 supporters! 

It may not be a big step (in fact, we're only 1/10 of total votes), but it's for sure an important milestone!

Also, thanks for all your suggestions/ideas, I'm currently working on some of them.

I also want to clarify some things:

- about the girl scouts: Yes, there are actually girl scouts in the project.

- about the BSA licensing/ why I didn't do a country-specific scout group: First: it would be difficult to choose a specific country for the project, and people would have asked why didn't I do "PLACE HERE ANY COUNTRY". Second, a stereotypical scout set is better because it's instantly recognizable, unlike a state specific one.

- about the uniform colors: The colors I used were also used by LEGO (green grocer), but obviously, it's up to them to do the colors. See previous point about why I didn't do a country specific uniform.

Also, Don't forget to tell your friends about this project!