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Project Elements: Chapter 2 The Strange of Eleton: 03 Attack of the Scorpion


Lab design...

While I was building some scene for the story, I thought it will be a very cool way to introduce Project Elements: Origin, a group of non-very-sci-fi ideas.  This lab is one of the example, so you can put it into your Lego City science center or something else.  This lab is based on my high school's lab and I was trying to make this lab messy...  which would make my teacher angry.  Oh! By the way, no food, drink, or seats are allowed in the lab, because you have to be professional.

[Larger Image]

About the story, the minifigure right there is the young Democritus (About 30-40 years old).  He is studying the crystal.  To be honest, after rendering the image, I thought I placed the wrong hair piece.  That is a lady!!  No, that hair piece is from Qui-Gon Jinn. The Wall-E looking thing next to Democritus is my new microscope, so it can be special~  However, the space underneath the scope is not allowed me to place a diamond.


Cemodin, August 20, 2016


P.s. If I lie to you that we are a 10-people group which is working on the Project Elements, you probably will believe me...


About the story

In order to explain the story better, I am building something related to the origin, like the image below.  That is the cause of everything.  Well... I know it doesn't look that great, because I try to make it within an hour or less.

It is colorful~ but not the crystal on the top.


Anything about crystal will not be told until... the secret is sealed!?  I know everything sounds weird and silly because people are fighting for a person's life. Cliche~ However, I am trying to make the story more interesting, especially its origin and how they end this mess.


About logging-in to my Lego Ideas account on my computer... I wrote a letter to TLG and I followed their direction of solving my computer's problem... Well, that worked only a few hour... Right now I am using my phone to make this update and that is painful.


Cemodin, August 19, 2016

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