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Project Elements: Chapter 2 The Strange of Eleton: 03 Attack of the Scorpion


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Hi, everyone

If you had seen my previous Project Elements, you may notice I revised it a little bit.  Still, I will not rate the side-build an A.  I know the side-build, the core of Geia, looks like the part from Doctor Who, but it has triple helix (!?) in there.  Cool!  About the scorpion, it may not looks very cool.  I had to sacrifice its reality to add play feature in there.  I made a trigger underneath the scorpion, but something went wrong, so I made the trigger go upward.  And both of its arms cannot open or close, because that will make the piece count gone too much.

About the story in Eurobricks, I rendered and updated some of the images to Brickshelf and I hadn't started yet.  Also, I will explain why the four kings divide Eleton into four sections and the people of Pyrka are translucent red and not humanlike in chapter 1.



After the conflict, people of Nero and Pyrka team up and travel to Geiathe strength of Eleton, to discover the reason why Democritus left Eleton.  When they get there, they realize the people of Geia are having a civil war.  Later, people of Nero and Pyrka are captured by Benegy*.  After talking to General Ebner, they understand that General Ebner was one of Democritus' men and Democritus didn't left Eleton.  Democritus was captured by Maledius*.  They have to defeat Maledius, save Democritus, and solve the mysteries.

Group Benegy* - a group which is led by General Ebner, Democritus' most trusted person in Geia.

Group Maledius* - a group which is led by Terades.



About the ideas:

03 Attack of the Scorpion


Pieces: About 5XX...

Minifigure: Earth - Group Benegy - Name Undecided

                 Earth - Group Maledius - Name Undecided

Price: around 39.99 USD to 49.99 USD

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