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Snack Bar

Welcome to my snack bar,
it is my first project for LEGO ideas. Actually I built it for my LEGO Town. If you like to have this Snack Bar too, please support.

The build includes:
- two bar chairs in front of a bar table with sauces for the snacks
- a fridge with take out cups
- a vitrine with nice cakes
- a computer
- a coffee machine
- an ice cream poster
- a pizza poster

- hot dogs (2)
- pizza
- sauces
(one red and one yellow sauce on the bar table, and two other sauces which are on the fridge)
- a take out cup "coffee"
- a take out cup "cola"
- a take out cup "squish"
- a donut
- two cakes

With the moped you can deliver the pizza directly to your home.

*The functions you can see on picture 5.

Please check out my other builds too.

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