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French Bakery


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Although I live in America, I have traveled to France twice and have always been captivated by French architecture. I was inspired to create a typical French bakery from my experiences and memories.
Hope you enjoy!
The Build
My Bakery is two floors and is made up of 2034 parts.  
First Floor
The first floor is a local bakery featuring a display room full of mouthwatering baked goods and a storeroom containing baking supplies. The bakery is surrounded by a cobblestone street and the storeroom leads to a cobblestone courtyard.
Second Floor
The second floor is a petite apartment featuring a cozy bedroom detailed sitting room and bathroom.
The apartment's windows are decorated with flower boxes and I have also added a fun French flag. :)
To finish off the build, there is a classic French tiled roof topped with a rail and twin chimneys.

I hope you enjoyed this build and will help me get it in the hands of everyone from kids to collectors by hitting the blue SUPPORT button!

M.H.S. :)

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