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B-N Bank


Hi this is my new idea called B-N Bank, 506 pices and bricks. Let me describe what is inside the B-N Bank and what is on the Outside. 

On the left hand side you have,

First I started out with a green grass base, then I started with a light gray cement base, I started bulding a room for the bank vault, for the customers  and employees use to keep valuables in. A door frame and door is in the building, and a square roof with  gray security camera

Next to the bank room vault i added a refresment table for the customers, it has a mug, a black coffee pot, a employee mug is in the coffee pot.

Second I built a deposit ticket desk, it has two deposit tickets on it, a black pen in holder, and a light blue check. 

I also built a line holder with a red round sign that will say wait for the next availble teller,

Third I  built a desk top table  with three cupboards, three clamps, three black computers, three credit readers, three keyboards, three cash draws, three membership cameras, three bank slip printers.  At the end of the desk top table you also have three black clamps, with three computers at each back of the cupboards for the customers to see the amount of their bank accounts. There is also a black computer and clamp that has the current bank rates for accounts and cd's. There is also a black tv on clamp on the right hand side wall. On the desk top table there is a gold bar, and a canadian bill, and a light green money. 

Fourth I put two employees, a bank manager, the bank manager is dressed in sand colored red, white shirt, there is a customer in the line holder, with a purple membership card. 

That concludes the Inside Tour

On the Outside of the B-N Bank you have three window panes with three clear windows, two door frames, two doors, another piece of green grass base with a gray and white atm with yellow lights, and a pair of  black security box cameras, next to it a membership card reader, a A T M withdrawl printer,  i  put light gray marble for the B-N Bank building, gold roof, gold sign holders, clear white sign, gold letters B-N,  gold sign holders, another clear white sign, gold letters with A T M. 

I built this design for a different option to offer up to the Lego Ideas Team to put up on the website. If you think of anything this idea of mine is missing please feel free to leave comments. If you like this idea please vote on it, and let your friends and family know about, please feel free to share with your family and friends and thanks! Have a Great Day!



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