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Master Brick's Martial Arts


10k support!

Two 10k Club members supported my project today which is pretty awesome. If you haven't already go check them out, @Bricked1980 and @ABStract they have some awesome projects gathering support right now. 



Thank you all so much for helping my project reach 100 supporters! If any of you know people in Martial Arts please tell them about this. 

And without further ado let's get into the updates,

A big thank you to @Will Reed for giving me this idea, we now have a holder for breaking bricks and boards. 


The next suggestion comes from both @BrickArtisan and @LegoDNA. They both wanted minifigures, well there already were (Pictures 13-15) but I felt like it could use more so I added a female instructor, a older male student, a younger female student, and a younger male student.



Once again, thank you all so very much for helping me reach this first milestone, and hopefully we will make it to the next one soon.

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