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Master Brick's Martial Arts


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Welcome to Master Brick's Martial Arts!

This building is compatible with the Creator Expert modular building series.

The interior has:
  • Training mat
  • A bench for watchers
  • An inspirational poster
  • A ceiling fan
  • Cubbies with hand targets and boards
  • Check-in desk with trophies and computer
  • Water fountains
  • A bathroom

The back has a ladder to the roof and a few crates of boards.

Some interesting pieces I used were the buildable figure fist for the roof detailing, the heart jewel for the water coming out of the water fountain, and the minifigure figure skate for the toilet flusher.

  • Master Brick (With optional face protection)
  • Adult student
  • Boy student
  • Girl student
  • Mother
  • Grandfather

  • 3 hand targets
  • Big target
  • Bo-staff
  • 4 boards
  • Nunchucks
  • Phone
  • Newspaper

Piece count:892

If you have any ideas write them down in the comments and if I like them I'll make a revision and credit you for the idea.

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