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Mini Modular Castle

The Idea

My idea consists of 25 unique, medieval themed tiles that can be combined to create a variety of miniature castles. You can make a little castle using just four corner pieces, or a great big fortress using all 25 tiles. Mix and match. The possibilities are endless. All tiles measure 6x6 studs. They break down as follows:

  • 9 wall tiles, including castle stables, blacksmith shed, waterwheel, small entrance, statue, and stairs.
  • 6 corner tiles, including two sally ports, and a small tower.
  • 3 courtyard tiles, including a pond, a well, and a big old tree.
  • 2 inverted corner tiles.
  • 2 great hall tiles.
  • 1 front gate, with drawbridge.
  • 1 keep entrance.
  • 1 tower keep.

All wall and corner tiles feature a moat running around the outside of the castle, and a parapet running the length of the wall.


The piece count for individual tiles ranges from 28 pieces (the well tile) to 216 (the tower keep), with an average around 80 pieces. The total piece count is about 2000 pieces.

Dimensions vary depending on how the tiles are combined. The castle in the main image, which uses all 25 tiles, measures 12" x 9.5" x 7.25". Each tile measures about 1.9" x 1.9".

Why this proposal?

I love the Castle theme and was keen to explore it in a new and interesting way. I chose microscale to cover more ground, so to speak, and to keep the tile-builds simple and quick to emphasize the mix-and-match style of customization. I hope you support the project!

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