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The Water Closet


The Water Closet, or commonly known as an Outhouse, is (or was) one of the most recognizable symbols in society. It was also known as a Privy, Powder Room, Sand Box, Throne, “Little House Behind The House”, or simply: The Closet. I have one of these at my off-grid ranch. Like the picture, its flushing toilet makes use of water that is gravity-fed by an outside water tank. What’s needed outside the Water Closet? Flowers!  And lots of them to keep the odor down. Since we're off-grid, a torch fueled by kerosene by the door helps people see in the dark. The Water Closet also tends to attract other creatures. Note the spider carrying off a mouse. This is a tribute to the Australian Huntsman Spider which recently starred in a video that went viral on The Internet.

I thought this would make a nice Lego set because all the parts can be easily obtained and re-used in other Lego sets. The base is a standard 16x16 plate. Kids will love it because… c’mon… they’re kids. How can they not like the subject of this set?

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