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LEGO Waterfall


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Hey guys! I'm back with another product idea, the LEGO waterfall! This LEGO waterfall is the perfect LEGO to display on a shelf or put around the house as LEGO decor. The LEGO waterfall is built on a 4x4 plate and is 6 bricks high (18 studs). I used slopes and edges to add some texture make the build less block-like. The waterfall itself is made of two trans blue 1x2x2 glass parts and there are two 1x1 trans blue cheese wedges at the bottom to add the look of water being forced upward. There is a 1x1 green flower at the top to represent a plant at the top of the waterfall.

        If you want this to become a real LEGO set please make sure to support, comment, and share!

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