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Airplane N.1


Some minor adjustments :)

*A few changes and refinement including a small redesign of the nose

*The new livery is here with nice sand blue, light bluish green and brick yellow now the plane looks even more vintage!

*The plane got a couple of dots larger and now can acomodate 10 people!

*Changes to the kitchen design and the arrange of the first class, I added tables to the first class and now looks more refined.

*The bags compartment is not alone anymore and now in the cabin right behind the compartment is a small space for more luggage.

*The toilet is now coloured in shiny cool silver metal!

*And finally there is a small antenna for weather near the front.


Updated color scheme, and a couple of details, project renamed

Proyect is renamed to Vintage Plane n.1 Seagull

*Changed livery to a more vivid one based on aeroflot´s first livery.

*Modified the front part so now looks a little more refined, also I add  a little of detail in the end of the landing gear compartment.

*new pics added with the new colour scheme, one in old style black and white for more vintage effect!

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