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Airplane N.1


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Fly in the first Passenger jet in Lego History...

The confortable, safe and fast Airplane N.1 Seagull!

A vintage Jet Plane with a lot of features, and atention on detail.

*Metalized coloured body, retractable spoilers and air breakes, detailed lights on wings, Use of vintage colors for interior

* 1 Front landing gear and 2 Secondary landing gears each one under the wings, all of them fully retractable!

*Cockpit and controls with vintage look, space for Captain, first officer and a navigator down in front of the plane.

*First Class and Main Class, can acomodate up to 9 passengers and a stewardess

*Services: Wardrobe, Galley and Toilet

Technical Specifications:

Name: N.1 Seagull

Powerplant: 2 Laika M1 Turbojet engines

Crew: 4

Passengers: 9



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