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Saint Seiya Zodiac Gold Saints Houses Sanctuary


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These set reproduces the Gold Saints Houses of the Saint Seiya.
(based on the original Tv Cartoon)

Gold Saints are the most powerful, almost-invincible warriors in Athena's army, serving her since the mythological era. They wear the 12 Gold Cloths that correspond to the zodiac constellations.

They live in the Houses of The Sanctuary, with the Great Temple of the Pope.

Every house has a different architecture style, based on the zodiac order.

Inside the houses, the Saints fight step by step to arrive the Atena Sanctuary.

These set reproduced the 12 House of the Gold Zodiac Saints and the Temple with the Sacturary

Good details and the microscale version allow to reproduce the path of the Saints for the battle exactly like in the Manga Cartoon.

The set can be created in 13 separated boxes, or in 1 big box with all the houses inside.

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