Product Idea


If you need a big, yellow and powerful vehicle to clean the mess on your construction site, then this excavator can help you. ( if you want to see a short video animation, you can access this link:

The vehicle has some big tires, in comparison with the usual type of tires, that hold it pretty high from the ground.

At the front, there is a dark and big digging bucket that can carry dirt, stones, sand, or any other material that can fit in the excavator's digging bucket. This bucket can also be lifted up and down, being able to rotate 360 degrees around its angle. At the front, two lights can be found as well.

Both sides look the same, having: holders for tools, side view mirrors and ladders ( so the worker could easily get in the cabin ). The vehicle also has a creative mechanism, of course made out of Lego, that enables it to move to the right or to the left.

At the back of the excavator, there are only two orange lights. At the center of the vehicle, there is also the cabin of the driver, which has a control panel. On top of the roof, which is black, an orange safety light can also be found. The accessories that come with the excavator are: a wrench and a hammer.