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Just Some Apartments

Ever get the feeling that some of the buildings are just too “fancy”? What about those “down-to earth” common apartments by the street that we see everyday? That’s why I made this MOC, so common buildings can have a place in bricks too.
It’s basically a recreation of the view I pass everyday on the way to work, two identical (except for color I suppose) apartment buildings by the street, with trees, paved roads, benches, bikes, streetlights, road signs, people minding their own business, nothing that you can’t find in your daily life. To add more detail, I even designed a taxi car according to the taxi in my city (feel free to guess which city it is hah)
(Of course, it can also be modified to a modular building base to fit in with the other building sets).

Let me know if you like this MOC! And don’t forget to support, much appreciated!

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