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The Round WatchTower


Back online, i present to you all the ROUND WATCHTOWER!!

This tower consists of two sections, which are connected with hinges so you can open to see the interior of the building. The main round staircase circles 360 degrees from the bottom to the middle section, and each step is connected and help form the outer circular wall. There is also a hinge arch on the bottom, middle and upper floor to help form a sturdier structure.

The idea of this project evolved from a round staircase i designed for another build. I ended liking to much the look of that staircase that i decided to develop a project around it.

Build Specs.

- 2x 16x28 studs (totaling 32x28) base.

- Almost 40cm in height (aprox. 49 studs)

- Weights 1.9 kg

- Piece Count: 2998

My previus version had over 4k pieces, so i had to trim it down. Overall the look of it remains pretty much the same, as reworking the base alone spared me aprox. 400 pieces!!!


Hope you enjoy this build.

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