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The Lucky Cat


1000 Thanks! we arrived 1000 supports!

Thanks to the 1000+ supporters, I'm very glad that it arrives in 14+ days to this goal.

I'll update the cat base very soon with new photos and new decoration. 

It's a long journey to 10000, luckily, I have your supports!

And keep following, support, and let other people know about the cat!

Thanks again to everyone!


More decoration is coming out

Hi everyone, I just update some of the decorations for our lucky cat.

1. The Fan can dispel the bad luck

2. Merchant ship with a cat for  good business

3. Red bamboo tube with pachysandra inside means career success.

For the decoration on the side I choose golden leaf, cloud and red-crowned crane. They all added more good wishes and hope.


Thanks for your kindly support!

Thanks a lot for the first 200 supporters and counting supporters.

I will publish an update with more photos about the decoration that we can put on the cat.

I upload a short video on my Flickr account that let everyone see how the Lucky Cat waves its paw. 

This is the URL

If you are really interested in the project, please share it on different social media platforms and let the cat become a real product.

For those who leave comments, I don't know why I can't rely on the comments, it might be the internet or other technical issues. I really appreciate your support.

@Exetrius,to put the image into the description, you just need to click the image and drag it into the typing area.

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