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The Lucky Cat


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The Lucky Cat is a common Japanese figurine that is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. In modern times, they are usually made of ceramic or plastic.

Today I would like to introduce the LEGO ver. Lucky Cat. It made of 1000+ LEGO pieces that also include a motor that gives Lucky Cat a moveable paw. It also has mechanical parts at the back if you don't want to use a motor.

There are different decoration which includes
1. a lucky hammer for good fortune
2. a scroll has "ๆ‹›่ดข" that means recruiting the wealth
3. an agate treasure basin
4. mini cats set
5.a carp means plain sailing.

and more coming soon....

That means you can decorate your own Lucky cat.

Modern Japanese superstition suggests that keeping a talisman of good fortune, such as the Lucky Cat, in bedrooms and places of study will bring about favorable results and life successes.

This cat is my second version, the first version is not really strong when the paw waved. So I shrink the size a little bit and give it more solid, compact, and fewer parts use.

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