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The Knight


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"No cost too great, no mind to think, no will to break, no voice to cry suffering. Born of God and Void, you shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams.
You are the Vessel. You are the Hollow Knight."
The Pale King.
(From Hollow Knight, Team Cherry).

About the Game:
Hollow Knight was released in 2017 from Team Cherry, and it was their first big title on the market. It was a great success, and it contributed a lot to making the Metroidvania gaming genre resurrect. In the game you control the Knight, a small and silent bug, whom nobody knows anything about, and which will slowly, yet soon, uncover forgotten truths, venturing deeper in the fallen kingdom of Hallownest.

About the Set:
It represents the Knight in a fraction of the first area of the game, Dirtmouth, nail on his back, underneath one of the iconic, shelly-looking lampposts of the village. The model is made stable by hidden brick links inside the lamppost and the Knight itself (or himself?), and it surely would make a great set to have next to a desk or on a shelf. The Knight's arms are hidden by the cloak, like in most of the exploring sections of the game, but the head is jointed, and the nail can be easily separated from his (or its?) cloak. Most importantly, if you have some pieces to add to the floor plating, you can expand the diorama, and who knows, probably in the future I'll design new sets, for new characters to accompany the currently lonely knight.

Farewell then, LEGO Ideas traveler, pafnada.

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