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The Police Station



I am proud to present you my first MOC, also the first creation I have submitted to Ideas.

It’s a police station where your minifigs will be able to work and study in all tranquility with the adequate material and where your minifigs of citizens will be able to filed complaints (for example about the noisy neighbours). It also includes the police superintendent’s office and a research’s laboratory.

On the ground floor you can find a reception, an interrogation room, a garage, a drawing room, a restroom and a training room. Details:

  • The secretary’s office.
  • A waiting room with benches and newspapers.
  • A coffee machine and a water machine.
  • A mirror without tain (which permits to the policeman to observe the interrogated suspects without knowing).
  • A police car.
  • Drawing tables (to draw a portrait of the criminal according to the witness).
  • A toilet and a sink.
  • Athletic material (dumbbells, exercise treadmill, punching-bag).

On the first floor, you can find a library for the students aspiring to become a policeman, the police superintendent’s office and a research laboratory where you can analyze the fingerprints found on the scene of the crime.


  • Public computers.
  • Bookcases and tables.
  • The police superintendent’s office.
  • A fireplace (which, in reality, is a secret passage to the laboratory).
  • Machines of all kinds of which only the scientist knows the utility.


I hope that you like my creation! Thanks for reading and please support and follow me!



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