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Car Transporter

This is a LEGO Speed Champions scale car transporter. It can hold both 8 stud cars and 6 stud cars. I built this because I thought it would be awesome with my LEGO cars(I’ve also used it for stop motion). The front cab can hold 2 people. The trailers are connected by a bionicle joint, I tried to make a pin system, but it was not strong enough. The maximum amount of cars depends on how long the cars are. I think you can fit a maximum of 5, as shown. I’ve rebuilt this thing so many times, I started by trying to lock the cars in place. Then I realized that all the cars had a different length between the wheels. So then I tried to make it adjustable, but that was too fragile. I used the LEGO technic car transporter for inspiration, just to see how one would look. The LEGO cars on the model are only to show that it can carry them, they are not part of the model. For a piece count, it is around 700 to 800 pieces.

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